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our women only free classes are a fun way to improve your fitness so try one out today.

The expert gym team members have lots of experience teaching top-notch fitness sessions using tried and tested formulas as well as on-trend techniques.

Fitness classes vary in style, with some designed to get your heart rate up and keep it up over a period of time to help you burn calories fast and keep your heart and lungs in good shape (e.g. HIIT); others concentrate on those specific areas of the body that we women think about the most (e.g. ABT); with others focusing on building strength or sculpting the body while burning lots of calories (e.g. Pump) – it doesn’t get better than this!



weekly schedule



challenge 07:30-08:00
in the gym with Lynsey

hiit happens 12:15–13:00
in the studio with Dede

zumba 17:30–18:30
in the studio with Loana


body sculpt 12:15–13:00
in the studio with Lynsey

kettlebells 13:00–14:00
in the studio with xxx

body conditioning 17:00–18:00
in the studio with Rima


circuits 12:15–13:00
in the studio with Lynsey

self-defence 18.10 - 18.55
in the studio with Shiza

challenge 19:00–19:30
in the gym with Rima



challenge 07:15–07:45
in the gym with Lynsey

lift and shift 12:15–13:00
in the studio with Dede

yoga 13:00–14:00
in the studio with Natalie

run talk run 18:00–19:00
with Jess (meet at reception)


hiit 12:30–13:00
in the studio with Lynsey

challenge 17:00–17:30
in the studio with Rima


pump 13:20–14:00
in the studio with Agnes

lbt 16:00–16:30
in the gym with Noemi


circuits 13:20–14:00
in the studio with Noemi

abt 16:00–16:30
in the gym with Agnes

 All of our Bridge classes are female only and led by female instructors.  Schedule is subject to change. 

All of our Bridge classes are female only and led by female instructors.

Schedule is subject to change. 


more about our classes


ABT (or "abs, bums and thighs") is a muscle toning class, geared at shaping and sculpting the lower body.

body conditioning

A full body workout - improve your overall fitness, strength and endurance!

body scuplt

Bored of doing sit ups? Try this dynamic and challenging class to fast track your way to a stronger core whilst improving overall cardio and muscular strength.


Join in with challenges throughout the week to give you a little extra boost of workout inspiration. The challenges will introduce you to a new exercises or push your limits on an exercise you already know.


A class incorporating strength training and aerobic conditioning exercises, utilising a range of fitness equipment and exercises to ensure that you achieve a total body workout and optimum body toning.

hiit (and hiit happens)

Our High Intensity Interval Training classes combine full-body strength training with high intensity cardio bursts and are designed to tone teh body and improve endurance.


Using the kettlebell equipment for a cardio, strength and flexibility training class.


A low-impact, high-intensity class focusing on lower-body exercises to aid muscular tone and increase strength and stability.

lift and shift

A high intensity class that improves cardio fitness and stamina levels.

run talk run

A running-talking-jogging group that is open to all abilities. The group is a safe space to bring difficult topics - not somewhere where you will be pushed to be a better/fitter runner!


A class that tones and strengthens the entire body. Be prepared to sweat.

self defence

A women's self-defence class based on the Israeli military system of Krav Maga. Classes are designed for you to learn real skills & techniques, whilst working out in a safe & fun environment.


All levels welcome to this inclusive class that strengthen the body and mind.


An exciting Latin-style dance and cardio workout.


specialist classes

The Bridge also hosts classes run by external instructors, who hire the studio and run their specialist classes for all to attend (not just members!). These include Zumba, Pilates, Yoga, Tai Chi, Krav Maga, etc.

There is a small charge associated with these classes and we cannot guarantee that they will be women only, so we advise you to speak to the instructor directly to get more information and book a place in advance.

NB. specialist classes are run by independent instructor offering fitness classes at The Bridge.


specialist schedule



pilates 18:30 – 19:30

diva dance classes 19:35 – 20:35


om shanti yoga 18:00 – 18:45

pregnancy yoga 19:00 – 20:00


tai chi 19:00 – 20:30


london hula 17:15–18:15

jazz roots 19:30 - 20:30


latin dance workout
10:00 – 11:00




belifted workout 
10:00 – 11:00
1st Saturday of every month

fit ness mai hem
11:00 – 12:00



beginners hula 'auana 14:00 –15:45
1st Sunday of every month

beginners ori tahiti 16:00 –17:45
1st Sunday of every month


intermediate ori tahiti 14:00–15:45
3rd Sunday of every month

intermediate hula 'auana 16:00–17:45
3rd Sunday of every month


Schedule is subject to change. 

belifted gospel music fitness

with Jenny

The highly anticipated Gospel Music fitness sessions have arrived, specialising in

· Circuits

· High-Intensity Interval Training (HIIT)

· Body Combat

All classes are set against the backdrop of spirit filled, gospel music, that will uplift the soul and leave you feeling motivated, vibrant and above all different.

Visit to book.


diva dance class

with city academy

Inspired by music from modern day divas like Beyonce - channel your inner diva and learn the dance routines in these fun and energetic classes. Everyone is welcome.

Visit to book.


fit ness mai hem

with Mai

Yalla let's work out! A Dance fitness workout to the best tunes from the Arab world. Shimmy and Shake your way to Fitness! may involve burpees...

Every Saturday 11-12 in the Studio

Contact for more information!


jazz roots

Charleston to Jazz Dance

From the Charleston and Black Bottom (1920s) to the Big Apple (1930s). Learn to improvise jazz rhythms, steal moves and discover original African American authentic jazz steps as danced on stage and in the night clubs of jazz age and swing era!

No experience or partner necessary. 6 week course with drop in option. £12 per session £60 in advance for full course

Contact for details & to reserve your place. Limited places! Please contact Nikki for either drop in or full course option.


london hula

Against a backdrop of fast-paced drums and graceful melodies, this unique class presents a fun and lively cultural experience while increasing coordination, endurance, toning and overall harmony with your body and its natural movements.

Visit to book.


om shanti yoga

with Keiko

A vinyasa class to help build body strength, develop your flexibility and maintain a good balance for your body and mind.

Contact Keiko on to book.



with Serap

A weekly class aiming to improve your flexibility, toning and posture.

Contact Serap on 07723010213 or to book.

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pregnancy yoga

with Alexa

This style of yoga is a lovely gentle, supportive and nourishing practice which will help you enjoy your pregnancy and also alleviate the common ailments sometimes experienced by expectant mums.

Contact Alexa on 07904037358 or to book.


prenatal om shanti yoga

with Keiko

Join our yoga community – fortnightly prenatal yoga classes.

Contact Keiko on to book.


tai chi intermediate

with Joy

To book this class, contact our reception team at to book.

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