coffee at kitchen at the bridge
independent cafe coffee machine

drinks menu



Power shake £5.95
(choose between strawberry, vanilla or chocolate)

Fast-busting blueberry £3.50
(oats, blueberries, flaxseeds, honey, yoghurt and skimmed milk)

Strawberry and banana £3.50

…and many more.


freshly squeezed juice

Pure apple juice £3.25

Pure carrot juice £3.25

Pure orange juice £3.25

Inner Glow £3.25
(carrots and apples)

Flu Fighter £3.25
(apple, orange, lime and ginger)

Green Goddess £3.25
(parsley, lemon and honey)

Detox £3.75
(apple, banana and beetroot)

Cleanser £3.25
(apple, carrot, cucumber and ginger)

Cooler £4.50
(apple, cucumber and lime)

…and many more.


cold drinks

Coke £1.25

Diet coke £1.25

Sanpellegrino £1.70

Ginger beer £1.25

Lemonade £1.70

Still water £1.20

Sparking water £1.20

Iced tea (Daymers) £2.25



Americano £2.20//£2.45

Decaffeinated £2.20//£2.45

Latte £2.35//£2.80

Cappuccino £2.35//£2.80

Flat white £2.60

Espresso £1.60//£2.30

Macchiato £1.65//£2.35

Mocha £2.35//£2.90

Hot chocolate £2.40//£2.70

+ your choice of organic dairy milk or dairy free alternatives available at no extra charge


pot of tea

English breakfast £2.20

Green tea £2.20

Camomile £2.20

Red berry £2.20

Earl grey £2.20

Peppermint £2.20

Lemongrass and ginger £2.20

White monkey £2.20

White tea pear £2.20

Roobos £2.20


+ please let our staff know if you have any allergies — we want to ensure all our customers leave us happy, so we always look to make reasonable changes to accommodate allergies.