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working to reduce inequalities in health and wellbeing by supporting women to make positive life choices.

Our charitable work provides women with the facilities and support to equip them to have a better life, through knowledge, self-belief, exercise and diet so they can benefit from good health and wellbeing and take control of their own lives.

Zumbai Class at the Bridge Charity, Group of women dancing.

today, our two main goals are:

  • to reduce inequalities in health by promoting positive health outcomes.


details on our strategy

  • to reduce inequalities in wellbeing by building resourcefulness and developing resilience. 


In helping tackle health inequalities we work with women from all walks in life who want to change their lifestyle behaviours, by taking into account the physical, emotional and environmental challenges faced by them.

We use our resources to meet gaps in services provided by the NHS and other official organisations and work with partners and agencies to reach out to people who need our support.

Our programmes are often targeting type 2 diabetes and other preventable, potentially life-threatening conditions such as heart disease, strokes and obesity. These are huge issues in Southwark and much of our work is in education and disease prevention.

Now based in Southwark, we have been supporting women's health and wellbeing since 1932. Our work was started in the 1920s when a group of radical, outward looking women set out to form an organisation aiming to promote the intellectual, physical, spiritual, moral and social interests and needs of its members.

We continue that pioneering work today.


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you can help us by donating to us, using our facilities and spreading news of our work.

Money raised by our café, women only gym, co-working and space hire goes back into our Charity to help fund our work. So every time you use our facilities and spend with us, you are helping us to help others.

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