the SWAP project

12 week weight management, physical activity and healthy eating programme

It is designed to support you to change unhealthy lifestyle behaviours – how much and what physical activity you take part in; food choices; when you eat and how much you eat and other factors, such as the amount of sleep you get.

zumba smiling swap fun fitness inclusive women

If you are a woman with a BMI over 26, especially if this is combined with a waist measurement of over 31.5 inches (and a lack of physical activity), you are putting you health at risk. This risk is particularly great if you are of South Asian, African and Africa-Caribbean descent.

The whole programme has had a positive effect on the entire family. My husband has lost over a stone and is a lot more conscious of what he eats and my three teenage boys are fitter and healthier
— SWAP Graduate 2018

You will be teamed up with another group member so you can offer each other support throughout the programme and beyond. Each pair is asked to put together a presentation for the group on topics such as ‘Food Labels’ and ‘Exercise on a Budget’. The typical SWAP session consists of an optional weigh-in, followed by presentations and discussion, and a physical activity class or cooking session.

free gym membership and classes

During your time at The Bridge,you will be given a free three-month gym membership and take part in fantastic classes such as Zumba, Pilates and Boxing. You will also enjoy ‘cook and eat’ sessions in the kitchen with Chef Tomasz, learning how to make exciting, healthy dishes.

After the 12 weeks, you can continue to receive support by joining the monthly drop-in ‘Booster’ Sessions.

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half a million steps in a day

On Saturday 9 June a group of women (recent graduates from the SWAP programme) bravely took on a challenge for Mencap to walk from Crystal Palace to Richmond.  

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why i swapped

We're about to start our next SWAP project so we wanted to catch up with one of our recent SWAP graduates about her experience of the programme.

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diabetes and SWAP

In May 2016 I received the news that I had Type 2 (sometimes known as late onset) Diabetes, which came as something of a shock as I had only gone to see the doctor to find out whether I was menopausal.

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diabetes: one year on

I have recently marked my first year as a diabetic, not something to celebrate but certainly something that needs to be a big consideration moving forward in life. Why am I telling you all this? Well I am setting the scene for what I believe is the best advice for anyone who finds themselves in my position.

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the next programme is due to begin in February 2019, so if you feel it would benefit you or you would like some more information, contact us on 020 7089 6250 or at