testing times

Tests make me uncomfortable, not the tests themselves but the anxiety anticipation of the outcome.  Two years ago they wouldn’t have phased me, but that was before I started getting results you wouldn’t want to receive.

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why water?

Water is really important for the body no matter the weather, helping to circulate nutrients and aiding muscles with our day-to-day activities. When the weather heats up, water leaves our bodies faster through an increase in sweat. Keeping up our own hydration levels at this time helps with concentration and overall body health.

Sarah Hicks
diabetes - one year on

I have recently marked my first year as a diabetic, not something to celebrate but certainly something that needs to be a big consideration moving forward in life. Why am I telling you all this? Well I am setting the scene for what I believe is the best advice for anyone who finds themselves in my position

contact the elderly tea party

As with many other areas of London and the UK, Southwark and Lambeth have found themselves struggling to cope with the pressures of an ageing population and vast funding gaps. Contact the Elderly and Borough Common host a bi-annual tea party with The Bridge to try and combat some of the issues faced by the local older generation.

the powerful effects of exercise

Everyone will relate to the joyful feeling of coming home from a relaxing stroll in their local park. Getting fresh air is one reason that we feel this way (which in our city is not a common occurrence!). Exercise is another. Getting the heart pumping and blood circulating around the body is one of the best ways to de-stress.

diabetes and SWAP

In May 2016 I received the news that I had Type 2 (sometimes known as late onset) Diabetes, which came as something of a shock as I had only gone to see the doctor to find out whether I was menopausal.  On reflection I really should not have been surprised as I had been sleep walking towards the disease over a number of years.

Sarah Hicks