shinin' at the RISE


We have bags of talent blossoming from The Rise Project from painting to writing and here's a rap by BPR, RISE project participant, 25/05/2018


Sun up, sisters, never mind those aches and blisters,

time to clench your fist and fight for little ole me: we

gotta write it, fight it, set a light to it, so says the beat

in the heat of the day time to throw those fears away

become a tear-away. Listen to that thuddin', can't you

feel it pumpin', can't you feel it sproutin' don't just sit

there poutin', those juicy lips given you were made for

joy, boy o boy, so clap your mits girl, sing it out. Take up

a pen, away with your pinny, no matter what you write

sounds tinny, write it anyway. Slosh on that paint, girl,

you don't have to fit in. Time to have a go whatever flows

grows in you, is ok shows you're alive. Why care what the

clock says it's what blood says that matters time we were

on our way so bash the drum, sister, lose that frown, be a

clown, while these feet still have a beat in 'em, that ole

treadmill can now be a treat, just feel those muscles move

every breath become a smile the new day has dawned.

Don't you love that air? We don't have to win a prize we're

own prize, so come and share, whatever mood or shade, spare

nothin' simply  rise and shine remember it is NEVER too late.   


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